"We will always be grateful to you for taking on our case… especially since you told us that our case would be a hard one… and perchance a long one. Yes you were right, but you still took it on… and you won it. God bless you always and in all ways." -T.K.



"I was seriously injured when a CTA bus hit me while I was riding my bike, and I could not have asked for better attorneys than Lipkin & Higgins.  Lipkin & Higgins knew how to negotiate the CTA bureaucracy and won a very fair judgment at trial, especially after the CTA offered a settlement that would barely cover my expenses.  Lipkin & Higgins let me know what to expect and answered all my questions clearly and honestly. -S.L.



"The decision to file a lawsuit was extremely difficult for me. At that point in my life, I just wanted to close the chapter on my spinal cord injury that resulted from bad doctors at a bad hospital. From my initial contact with Lipkin and Higgins, I discovered a caring support team who were with me every step of the way through the process. It is truly a blessing that I found such a determined, experienced group of professionals who helped me find a measure of justice for the pain and suffering I live with every day. I'm so grateful that I decided to stand up and fight and that I chose such a dedicated partner to secure my future needs." - D.G.



"I want to thank Lipkin & Higgins for helping me with my case.  I am an ordinary guy for whom the system does not usually work.  When I got injured and had back surgery, I had no one to turn to, no way to provide for my family, and no knowledge of the law.  Lipkin & Higgins treated me with courtesy and respect, and handled my case with professionalism.  As a result, I received several hundred thousand dollars in compensation, and will be [able] to provide security for my family" - F.R.



"Thank you, Lipkin & HIggins, for all you have done for me and my family. After I fell through the sub-roof of an apartment building making a service call, had surgery for a shattered leg, and faced months of rehabilitation, I thought my life would never return to normal. I was scared- for myself and my family. With Lipkin & Higgins I found lawyers I could trust, lawyers to defend my rights. You were there for me when I needed help the most. You obtained a large settlement for me which helped rebuild my life. What especially mattered was the personal attention I received. Even after my case was over, and I had other legal issues, you were always willing to talk to me. Not all lawyers are ******!" - M.F.