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Mitchell S. Lipkin

Partner at Lipkin & Higgins in Chicago, IL

Mitchell Lipkin is an experienced personal injury lawyer with an emphasis in automobile, construction, medical malpractice, slip and fall, nursing home and workers compensation cases. As a personal injury lawyer, Mr. Lipkin takes particular pride in representing those most in need of a trial lawyer- those unfamiliar with the legal community and victims with nowhere to turn; those whose injuries have caused a long period off work, and whose families are depending on them; those who have caught few breaks in life. Among the hundreds of clients Mr. Lipkin has successfully represented as an Illinois personal injury attorney:

  • Two young brothers, ages 10 & 7, received $3.25 million, after their mother died from a uterine rupture as a result of being ignored by her obstetrician and hospital nurse.
  • 31 yr old woman received $2.5 million after her doctor failed to follow up on an MRI ordered to determine the source of her severe low back pain. A two day delay in learning the results of the MRI, and making a referral to a neurosurgeon resulted in permanent neurologic injury to the ultra sensitive spinal nerves, with bowel/bladder and walking problems.
  • 52 yr old woman received $1.13 million after a cubicle wall improperly secured to the floor fell on her, while loading her work materials into an open pull-out drawer.
  • 39 yr old cable installer received $1.2 million after falling through an unsecured trap door in a ceiling access shaft in a high rise apartment building while attempting to retrieve his 2 way radio.
  • 36 yr old woman, an admitted drug and alcohol addict, wandered about the middle of a busy street at night while under the influence, and was struck by a car, sustaining massive injuries. After first denying the claim, insurance company for driver paid maximum policy limits after driver testified at deposition that he had seen the woman a block away, and failed to either slow down or take evasive action.

Mr. Lipkin was born and raised in Chicago. He is married to Linda, a nurse. They have 3 daughters. Mr. Lipkin has been an Illinois personal injury attorney since 1985 and may be able to help with your legal case.

Law School: 

De Paul University, J.D., 1985


University of Chicago, M.A., 1979 University of Illinois, B.A., with honors, 1973