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  • I've worked with Mr. Mitchell Lipkin on three workers compensation cases and Mr. Lipkin has been successful in all three cases. I have also highly recommended Mr. Lipkin to several co-workers and friends about the professional advice you'll receive as well as the ongoing communication on the progress of your case. If you want a peace of mind while you concentrate on getting better and leave the legal business to the best lawyer in his field I highly recommend you get in touch with Mr. Mitchell Lipkin and discuss your case today. You will also meet a very nice and understanding person you will never forget.

  • Mitchell has represented me and my family for years.  Whenever I have a legal issue I turn to him.  Why?  He gets results, is friendly, and explains things to me in a way that I can understand, without feeling he is talking down to me. Thank you, Mitchell.

    Frances M.
  • My family and I thank the lawyers at Lipkin & Higgins for everything they did following the tragic loss of my husband, the father of my young children.  From the compassion they showed, to keeping me up to date with case developments, and finally, by achieving a multi-million dollar result, my family will be forever grateful to Lipkin & Higgins. 


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  • We will always be grateful to you for taking on our case… especially since you told us that our case would be a hard one… and perchance a long one. Yes you were right, but you still took it on… and you won it. God bless you always and in all ways.

  • I was seriously injured when a CTA bus hit me while I was riding my bike, and I could not have asked for better attorneys than Lipkin & Higgins.  Lipkin & Higgins knew how to negotiate the CTA bureaucracy and won a very fair judgment at trial, especially after the CTA offered a settlement that would barely cover my expenses.  Lipkin & Higgins let me know what to expect and answered all my questions clearly and honestly.

  • The decision to file a lawsuit was extremely difficult for me. At that point in my life, I just wanted to close the chapter on my spinal cord injury that resulted from bad doctors at a bad hospital. From my initial contact with Lipkin and Higgins, I discovered a caring support team who were with me every step of the way through the process. It is truly a blessing that I found such a determined, experienced group of professionals who helped me find a measure of justice for the pain and suffering I live with every day. I'm so grateful that I decided to stand up and fight and that I chose such a dedicated partner to secure my future needs.

  • I want to thank Lipkin & Higgins for helping me with my case.  I am an ordinary guy for whom the system does not usually work.  When I got injured and had back surgery, I had no one to turn to, no way to provide for my family, and no knowledge of the law.  Lipkin & Higgins treated me with courtesy and respect, and handled my case with professionalism.  As a result, I received several hundred thousand dollars in compensation, and will be [able] to provide security for my family

  • Thank you, Lipkin & HIggins, for all you have done for me and my family. After I fell through the sub-roof of an apartment building making a service call, had surgery for a shattered leg, and faced months of rehabilitation, I thought my life would never return to normal. I was scared- for myself and my family. With Lipkin & Higgins I found lawyers I could trust, lawyers to defend my rights. You were there for me when I needed help the most. You obtained a large settlement for me which helped rebuild my life. What especially mattered was the personal attention I received. Even after my case was over, and I had other legal issues, you were always willing to talk to me. Not all lawyers are ******!



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  • Thanks so much for your help.  It's good to know I've paired up with TWO good attorneys at major crossroads of my life.  People are quick to tease lawyers for being in the business for the money and prestige or various other undesirable motives.  From my perspective, a good attorney advocate can make a make a huge difference in the trajectory of an individual's life.  I hope you never lose sight of all the GOOD you've done in your career! :-) Big Love