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Fela Claim Amtrak Injury Blog Posts

Facts vs. Myths: FELA Claims

FELA is an incredibly complex federal law, but the team of railroad injury attorneys from Lipkin & Higgins is here to break down the myths and facts!
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Are Illnesses Covered under FELA (Federal Employers Liability Act)?

Under the FELA, certain illnesses caused by dangerous working conditions & the railroad employer’s negligence; learn more from the FELA attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins.
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Railroad Injuries - DO'S and DON'TS When You Are Hurt on the Job

The railroad accident attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins are here to tell explain the FELA and the dos and don’ts for when you are injured on the job.
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Understanding FELA & Railroad Worker Rights

It’s important for railroad workers to understand FELA and their rights so they are prepared in case a railroad accident occurs; read Lipkin & Higgins’ Blog post to learn more about FELA.
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Amtrak Train Wreck

An Amtrak train accident left two crew members suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder months after the crash; learn more from the railroad accident lawyers at Lipkin & Higgins.
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