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Who is Responsible for Keeping Roads Safe for Cyclists & Pedestrians?

With cyclists, pedestrians, and motor vehicle operators sharing the roadways, by practicing common safety precautions, you can help ensure the roadways remain safe and enjoyable for all.
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Illinois' Poor Road Conditions

Many factors can contribute to auto accidents and poor road conditions are one of those. The Illinois personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Higgins want to ensure that you are both informed and aware of the state's road conditions.
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Medical Device Makers Granted Expedited FDA Approval Often Fail to Conduct Follow-Up Research

Medical device makers are being granted expedited FDA appprovals but often failing to conduct appropriate follow-up research. Learn more from the Chicago attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins.
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FDA Will Be More Aggressive in Warning about Medical Device Risks

In January 2016, the FDA announced its plans to take a more aggressive approach to informing the public on medical device safety risks. Learn more about these updates from the attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins.
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Almost 50 Physicians Call for FDA to Reverse Position on Power Morcellators

Months after the FDA discouraged doctors from using power morcellators, medical professionals are still including the tool in their non-invasive procedures. Here's what you need to know about the controversial medical tool.
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Injury and Infection in Illinois Hospitals: What You Need to Know

Around 12 of every 100 hospital stays resulted in some kind of infection or preventable injury. Find how what you need to know from the personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins.
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