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Construction Accident Case Results

$250,000 Settlement for 80-Year-Old Woman Who Trips Over Construction Barrier

Our client, an 80-year-old woman, tripped over construction barricades that had been inappropriately placed. She fractured both of her wrists and one kneecap. The personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins demonstrated that the construction company had violated building code regulations.
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Cement Mason Struck by Concrete Pumping Hose Collects $700,000.00 Plus Reduction of $558,000.00 WC Lien

One of our clients from Northwest Indiana was seriously injured in a construction accident while working as a cement mason; learn more about how the attorneys of Lipkin & Higgins won the Workers Compensation case.
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Failure to Clean Parking Lot Brings $425,000 Personal Injury Settlement Against CVS Store

After a woman stumbled on gravel in a CVS parking lot, she contacted the personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Higgins; find out how our attorneys helped get her the money she deserved.
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Construction Accident Leads to $600,000 Award for Post-Traumatic Stress and Fears

Construction accident leads to a worker suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; learn how Lipkin & Higgins personal injury attorneys help him win his case.
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Banker Awarded $1,690,00 for Injuries After Cubicle Wall Partition Falls

After a women tripped, she suffered an injury from a falling wall partition; read how the personal injury attorneys helped her win her case.
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$1,350,000 Awarded to Widow in Electrocution of HVAC Repairman

After an HVAC repairman was electrocuted on the job, the personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins won the workers compensation case for his widow.
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