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Fela Claim Amtrak Injury Case Results

$2,000,000 Combined FELA Verdict and Settlement for Railroad Trackman Who Suffered Hip Injury

The Chicago attorneys of Lipkin & Higgins obtained a $2,000,000.00 total award for our client, a railroad track laborer, who was struck in the hip by a metal grinding disk that flew off a railroad tie grinding machine.
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$1,000,000 Verdict for Amtrak Worker's Torn Rotator Cuff

The Chicago attorneys of Lipkin & Higgins successfully earned a million dollar verdict for a fifty-eight-year-old Amtrak train attendant, suffered a torn rotator cuff while working. Read the details of the case.
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$1,200,000 Settlement When Railroad Held to be “Technical Employer” in FELA Injury Case

Two Illinois railroad injury clients of Lipkin & Higgins settled their FELA injury cases following mediation. Read more about their case details today!
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Railroad Machine Operator’s FELA Case Settled in Pennsylvania

The attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins recently obtained a confidential settlement of a case for a client who was injured while operating a track machine for a railroad in Pennsylvania.

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$350,000 Settlement to Amtrak Electrician After a Slip and Fall from Train Ladder

The FELA Railroad lawyers at Lipkin & Higgins successfully reached a $350,000 settlement with Amtrak in a case where an Amtrak electrician slipped and fell off a ladder while climbing down off a train.
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$200,000 FELA Settlement to Railroad Worker for Cumulative Trauma Back Injury

A railroad worker who sustained a back injury on the job settled her FELA case with the help of Lipkin & Higgins. Read her claim details here!
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