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Case Results

Searching for the right personal injury attorney in Illinois can be overwhelming. Your lawyer will represent you at a stressful time when you are vulnerable and worried. While every injury and case is different, you may find reassurance and wisdom in learning more about what others have gone through. Browse through our list of case results and accident settlements for a better understanding of what the personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Higgins can do for you. Contact us online or call our Chicago, Illinois office for more information.

Client Receives $1,256,000 Jury Verdict From CTA After Bus vs. Bicycle Collision

Learn how the CTA bus vs. client bicycle collision trial carried out and the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client with a compensation of $1,256,000.
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Failure to Perform & Interpret MRI Timely Leads to $2,500,000 Cauda Equina Syndrome Settlement

A $2.5 Million medical malpractice case was won by the attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins after a doctor failed to have a timely MRI completed, resulting in long-term nerve damage.
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Railroad Machine Operator’s FELA Case Settled in Pennsylvania

The attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins recently obtained a confidential settlement of a case for a client who was injured while operating a track machine for a railroad in Pennsylvania.

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Federal Judge Awards $950,000 Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Settlement

Lipkin & Higgins attorneys represented the family of a 72-year-old Army Veteran who received his medical treatment at the VA Hospital. When he had the initial signs of liver disease, he went to the VA for a CT scan followed several months later by an MRI. In neither case was a tumor diagnosed. Discovered later, it was too late and the man passed away.
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Illinois Supreme Court Bicycle Accident Case Reaches Settlement

This was an important case for two reasons. First, our client received compensation to make up for the harms and losses she suffered in this incident. Second, but equally as important, however, was that this case made new law on what constitutes a bike trail in Illinois, and the circumstances under which a municipality will be held accountable under the law for failing to maintain their bike trails in a safe condition.
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$350,000 Settlement to Amtrak Electrician After a Slip and Fall from Train Ladder

The FELA Railroad lawyers at Lipkin & Higgins successfully reached a $350,000 settlement with Amtrak in a case where an Amtrak electrician slipped and fell off a ladder while climbing down off a train.
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