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Case Results

Searching for the right personal injury attorney in Illinois can be overwhelming. Your lawyer will represent you at a stressful time when you are vulnerable and worried. While every injury and case is different, you may find reassurance and wisdom in learning more about what others have gone through. Browse through our list of case results and accident settlements for a better understanding of what the personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Higgins can do for you. Contact us online or call our Chicago, Illinois office for more information.

Successful Client Outcome Before Illinois Supreme Court Obtained by Peter Higgins

“Lipkin & Higgins went the extra mile to pursue a technicality so that the case might remain alive,” said Peter Higgins. “We pursued this case all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court for the exclusive purpose of protecting the right of our client to make her case. This is not only a great result for our client but it’s a great result for anyone who uses these types of trails in Illinois, because it forces the municipalities to maintain their trails in a safe condition.”
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Railroad Conductor Nets $730,000 Settlement in Train vs. Truck Collision

Train conductor suffered from neck and back injuries as well as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) resulting from his freight train's collision with a semi-tractor trailer that drove around the crossing gates. The railroad attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins filed suit. Ultimately the matter was resolved in a mediation settlement for $730,000.
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$250,000 Settlement for 80-Year-Old Woman Who Trips Over Construction Barrier

Our client, an 80-year-old woman, tripped over construction barricades that had been inappropriately placed. She fractured both of her wrists and one kneecap. The personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins demonstrated that the construction company had violated building code regulations.
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Employee collects $845,000 on workers compensation, car accident and underinsured motorist insurance

Lipkin & Higgins have the experience it takes to ensure their clients receive the settlement they deserve. In this case, the firm was able to recover $845,000 from a combination of the defendant's insurance policy to its limit, a workers' compensation claim as well as underinsured motorists coverage.
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Carpenter Awarded $273,000 Plus Temporary Total Disability and Social Security Disability Benefits

The workers compensation attorneys of Lipkin & Higgins were able to help an injured carpenter be awarded $273,000 plus Temporary Total Disability (TTD) and Social Security Disability benefits. Read more about the case!
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Dismissed by Court, Lipkin & Higgins Wins Appeal to Reinstate Bicycle Injury Case

When the trial judge dismissed a bicycle injury case regarding Highland Park, the attorneys of Lipkin & Higgins appealed the decision and won the right to have its client's case reinstated for trial.
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